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Signed Copy of The Power Plate Diet (Hardcover)

Signed Copy of The Power Plate Diet (Hardcover)

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Order your signed copy of Erin's new book, The Power Plate Diet

Only 11 signed copies of the hardcover are available (as of 1/24/22)! 

Chronic inflammation can lead to inflamed fat cells that are unable to release fat and produce unhealthy levels of hormones, causing weight gain. Foods like sugar, vegetable oil, refined flour, grain-fed meats, seed oils, and dairy products are often the true culprits of inflammation.

The good news is that by prioritizing clean foods like lean proteins, omega-3 fats, healthy carbs, and antioxidant-rich veggies in your diet, you can reverse the damage and shed the weight. In The Power Plate Diet, you’ll be able to cool inflammation by removing reactive foods and combining the healthiest proteins, carbs, and fats for the most powerful plate possible.

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